1. Apply the estate agent principle

The secret to a tidy and clean desk is not so secret.

Everyone knows the property industry’s mantra: location, location, location. Your desktop and your nearest shelves and drawers—should be home to valuable, frequently used items (your phone charger, files you need to consult every week). Things you don’t need as often should occupy your workspace’s equivalent of the basement. A clean and tidy desk is valuable

2. Establish homes for everything

All items in your workspace should have an established home. When everything has an established place, you know exactly where to find anything you’re looking for

3. Create a staging area

If you’re working on an ongoing project that needs daily attention, you may be tempted to leave it out on your desk. Resist that temptation. Keep it clean and tidy

4. Put Things Away

It may seem obvious, but it’s important to put things back in their place when you’re finished with them. Clear your workspace as you go through tasks, and give yourself a few minutes at the end of each day to make sure everything is in its place and clean before leaving the office