Coffee Machine maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your office coffee machines will ensure better tasting coffee and years of stress-free use. Commercial coffee makers including single-serve coffee makers, espresso machines, and brewing equipment need daily cleaning in busy offices to continue working in top condition. Keep in mind these simple rules for better performance and great tasting coffee around the clock.

Clean Your Office Coffee Machine Daily

Coffee makers are a breeding ground for bacteria due to the warm, wet environment. Daily cleaning reduces bacteria growth and keeps your machine working in top condition for regular office use. For long use and great tasting coffee, appoint someone in your office to care for the coffee machine regularly.


For brewing machines, use these basic cleaning methods:

Turn the power off

Wipe down the outside of the machine

Remove used coffee grinds

Hand wash the filter basket and brewing pot

Allow the machine to air out over night


Use Filtered Water Only

Tap water may contain chemicals, debris, or minerals that affect the flavour of your coffee and may influence the performance of your machine. For best flavor and better results, choose filtered water service for your office. Remind employees to use clean, filtered water each time they use the coffee machine.


Have Your Coffee Machine Checked Each Month

Your office coffee service provider should check your machine each time they make a delivery, or at least once a month. This service typically comes standard with your office coffee service and may not require an additional charge.


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